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  1. teamspeak

    so my pc was hacked and destroyed so I had to buy a new one. I need the ts permissions again so I can get back to the good fight. good bye potato, I will miss you and you served me well but know I have moved on to the beast, witch seams to rival most desktops(I use a laptop).
  2. Good news everyone!

    i am coming back to archeage. how ever i will be creating a new account after not being allowed back in. after a long drawn out fight with legal teams, supervisors and base employs (we also spammed the inbox of about every Trion employee) they decided to not unban me and to steal all my money. so i will be starting from scratch after 2 long years on the same toon. don't cry i already did it for you. But rest easy because once i get back up to strength i will be donating most may labor and time to ...
  3. Project Wagon is COMPLETE!

    NOTE: This is not a real world car or vehicle concept by a manufacturer, which explains why I don't have it in my car blog.

    After several months of inactivity (and many months before that of struggling to get the needed parts prepared), I have finally produced the evolution of my old pack-carrying wagon in Archeage!

    I now have.....A FARM WAGON!!!

    Now I can deliver twice the packages in the same amount of time as the previous model. This will help on various ...

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  4. Banned From Archeage!

    So as many of you know i was band from archeage. I was banned from archeage tho and not the Jempiare so where i wont be as active i will still stop in and help out if i can. Hopefuly even tho i got banned, i still hope some of you got my land at lest(i had 200 something gold on me but with the mats i had on land and the land itself its more like 10k). If any of you have questions on why i was banned, like i said, i will be in ts every now and agian. Most of the officer alredy know most of what happend ...
  5. 1.7b levi

    had an o shit moment with levi today Click image for larger version. 

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