• Presenting Jempire Story: A 16-bit Spiral Knights RPG!

      The Jempire is proud to present our Christmas Present to the Spiral Knights community: Introducing the demo to Jempire Story, a 16-bit Spiral Knights Fan RPG!

      Code named "Project Narwhal", Jempire Story has been in production for over five months. Forming a team made up of Guild Masters, Officers, and Vanguards, you'll get to enter a 16-bit recreation of Haven, complete with cameos and well-known faces from the Spiral Knights world.

      Jempire Story features a unique storyline set in the Spiral Knights world, custom-drawn art and sprites, and an original soundtrack including both brand new tracks and never-before-heard remixes of your SK favorites.

      In short, we put our hearts and souls into this one.

      We hope you'll like it.

      To Download the Demo:

      1.) Click this link and select "Save As ": http://bit.ly/TUhJoY

      2.) Extract the files and run the "Game" launcher. Voila!

      3.) Post your comments, feedback, etc, here on our official forum for the fan game! (All members of the Spiral Knights Community are welcome to post on this board)

      4.) The Project FAQ can be found here.

      Update: We now have a working version for Macs! Check this thread: http://jemgaming.net/forums/showthre...ry-on-your-Mac

      Merry Christmas, Everyone!

      Game OST: (Haven - Acoustic Guitar ver.):

      (Select 720p for best quality!)

      Game Screenshots:

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      1. Remingtonsteely's Avatar
        Remingtonsteely -
      1. 559er's Avatar
        559er -
        Thank you to everyone involved, it was a great process to work with you all on this.
        Merry Christmas everyone!!
      1. soothsayer's Avatar
        soothsayer -
        nice :3
      1. Ailment's Avatar
        Ailment -
        An RPG? ...well....
      1. kennyn's Avatar
        kennyn -
        Merry Christmas guys! Hope you like it!
      1. SpartanDVD's Avatar
        SpartanDVD -
        Awwwweesoomemeemeemem areeemygawwwd
      1. Theioden's Avatar
        Theioden -
        omg this is awesome
      1. Taconation's Avatar
        Taconation -
        Thanks for your help, everyone!
      1. Milopink's Avatar
        Milopink -
        Merry christmas everyone and thank you all who have worked to make this game
      1. soothsayer's Avatar
        soothsayer -
        Everyone is gunna quit SK and play 16bit SK. BEST CHRISTMAS PRESENT EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      1. RubyEclipse's Avatar
        RubyEclipse -
        Special thanks to the hugely dedicated and talented team who have been working on this every day for so long!

        Merry Christmas, everyone. We hope this was worth the wait.
      1. chickenhunters's Avatar
        chickenhunters -
        AAwwww there are the cute wolves
      1. Rashdi's Avatar
        Rashdi -
        This is sick man! Thanks! and merry Christmas!
      1. Kentard's Avatar
        Kentard -
        RPG Maker? NIIICE. ♥
        Like this already, nice work all!
      1. gmhuntr7's Avatar
        gmhuntr7 -
        You're welcome everyone and enjoy
      1. Vent's Avatar
        Vent -
        this is so cool!!
      1. SmashGear's Avatar
        SmashGear -
        Merry Christmas all. Hope you enjoy it!

        EDIT: You can now find a guide of how to run the game in Macintosh in the official forum now. Merry Christmas Mac users.
      1. Lax's Avatar
        Lax -
        Awesome XD
        2D RPGs are more complicated to make than one would think. Which RPG maker did you use? VX?
      1. King-Phoenix's Avatar
        King-Phoenix -
        /e loves the acoustic. Have to check out the vid later though, time to get mom from work.
      1. Taconation's Avatar
        Taconation -
        @Lax: Yup, RPG Maker VX