• Your ArcheAge Screenshot Competition Winners

      We had a ton of great entries for last week's giveaway, and it was very hard to select a winner - so I decided to randomly draw a few, and pick a favorite!

      Please give your congrats to the following 3 winners, who each get a 300 credit item of their choice on the marketplace: (Click each image to see the full size)

      I. "Day 43: The Snowlions still do not suspect we are horses." - By Yumiko

      "Korraz Driving Shirtless" - By Korraz

      "I Have a feeling that the cookies are laced with something." - By Yodaral

      And your Grand Prize winner, getting a bonus 500 credit item, is...

      IV. "The Fabled Lord Yatta descending from the celestial blue above." - By Jengo

      Congrats to all of our winners, and thanks everyone for the great pictures! Fun memories, terrifying moments, and good times all-around.

      Winners - mail me in-game with the item you'd like, and I'll gift it to you.

      Thanks everyone - our next contest will be up tomorrow!
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      1. Beowulfguy's Avatar
        Beowulfguy -
        All hail the lord yatta!!!!!!!!!!!!