• Stepping Stones: Watch Jempire destroy Black List

      SKRUZO posted an excellent new video that I wanted to share with you guys. This is from our battle with Black List a few days ago, when they purpled on me during the Cinder Rift, and both sides pulled in numbers to help fight.

      (Be sure to watch full screen at a high res!)

      Also, a big shout-out to our little level 30's who came to help fight, too! You guys may be new, but you showed up to fight, and that's what counts. Big thanks to our friends from guilds like Ancient Heroes and others who also joined in on the action!

      A great victory for our guild, and may there be many more like it as we push forward.

      To the future!
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      1. Blazing-Bruizer's Avatar
        Blazing-Bruizer -
        Sorry I haven't been around to join in person, as my schedule has made it impossible to join in. I am still uncertain when I will be back on ArcheAge.

        However, I did have enough time to check in and say congratulations to The Jempire and their allies who have pitched in towards the victory against Black List!