• ArcheAge: Ayanad Earring Guide

      Alright, so there are a couple guides out there that detail the basics, but we decided we wanted to create something better. By combining both text on a page and a magical new feature known as SCREENSHOTS, and a dash of spice known as humor, we're proud to present to you one of the world's first ArcheAge guides that is built to make the process as easy-to-follow as possible. Big thanks to all those who came before and wrote much of this up in Google docs and the like.

      So, let's talk about the Ayanad Earring first, and show you what you're working toward and why it's important enough for us to write a guide about. BEHOLD:

      Yes, that is an earring that gives you focus. Yes, it is also one of the best healing earrings in the entire game. Yes, it also gives you 25 Stamina for tanking/pvp, and another 106 MDEF Penetration for mages.

      And here's the kicker: that's not even the best version. Click here to drool at the Celestial version, which isn't out just yet in the NA/EU servers, but will be someday.


      I. Starting your Ayanad Earring Quest.

      To start your quest, you need to beat the everliving **** out of a wizard chick named Recordkeeper Wynn. She keeps records and has a pet dog or some **** idk.

      Wynn is located here - in the Introspect Path door between Floors 1 and 2 of the Library. It's a 5-man dungeon, and there are a few mechanics to learn, but we've summarized them for you here:

      When she has a colored ball - er, orb on her, she's saying you should get the matching Orb in the room. (Ex: If her ball is blue, everyone should run and pick up the BLUE ball... blue balls... we're so mature.) Be careful not to run into the other orbs on the way. If you're supposed to have red balls and you have blue balls instead, you're going to have a bad time.

      Note: Worst case, when this fight gets intense, you can ignore the orbs once or twice if you're careful to dodge the other mechanics. Speaking of...

      2. WYNN HAS MAGE RNG BULL**** and this is probably the hardest part of the fight for new players. In the beginning and again near the end, she'll throw some pink/purple flames onto the floor. WHEN YOU SEE THESE FLAMES, GET READY TO RUN LIKE A HEADLESS CHICKEN. Start moving around her in a circle, with as much distance as possible, as she'll throw a huge amount of mage fireballs around the room - getting hit by 3 or more will probably kill you. She does this about 3 times, then stops for a while.

      3. THE FLOOR IS LAVA. No, seriously, it's ****ing lava, yo. Don't stand near lasers, and keep moving to avoid the glowing floor panels. If you're in the middle of a channel and the floor panel beneath you starts glowing, MOVE and restart the channel later. The floor is ****ing lava, and lava will kill you.

      A note on the grid lasers: You have a few seconds to run through these before they do anything to you. If you're near an orb, don't be afraid to run past them to get the orb, but make it fast.

      4. WYNN HAS A PET DOG... WITH THREE HEADS. Some call it a Cerberus. We call it a weird dog. She will usually summon her dog, named "Peaches", during the fight, if your DPS is strong enough. Just have the tankiest DPS grab it, turn it away from the group (it shoots AOE fireballs in a cone) and then burn it. If you have an archer, this is their time to shine - they should pop Deadeye/Intensity and then unload with a Missile Rain, which can do 30-50% of this guy's HP with a strong archer. Sometimes, this add will bug and won't be summoned, which seems to happen more often if your DPS is low.

      5. IF YOU ARE SLOW, EVERYONE GRABS A RED ORB! If you take long enough to kill her, Wynn will summon five red orbs and begin charging a huge explosion. Everyone needs to grab one of the five orbs, and you each have to get a different one, as they vanish once touched. Wynn then goes boom boom, anyone without the red orb dies. Laugh at your fallen comrades who died and make a remark concerning their skill in the game, and then keep DPS'ing as usual.

      Note: If you're too slow, she will do this a second time, but without red orbs - at which point you all give each other one last, loving look of passion and despair, and then are immediately incinerated.

      Spend some gold in order to ensure your party can rock this as fast as possible. Make sure you all have Tyrannosaurus or Tyrone's Index or whatever it's called up and running, that all DPS have the Unstoppable Force spellbook, and that you're in proper specs. DPS should (generally) use Glass Cannon specs, unless you have a particular party build that works well for your team. This one is all about fast DPS.

      YOU DID IT! WYNN IS DEAD! Now pick up the Quest Item she drops, called the [Unknown Orb].

      II. Getting the first Earring.

      OK, sweet. Now that you've picked up Wynn's mysterious glowing "orb", because who knows what that implies, you should take it to someone who knows a thing or two about balls. Thankfully, he's only about thirty meters away and his name is Lemian.

      He'll tell you that there's some legit-ass writing hidden on this ball, and hell, you clearly have nothing better to do, so you might as well figure out what it says. But to do that, you need three pieces of a book, and they wouldn't call this the Great Ayanad Earring if they just gave it to you, so PREPARE FOR SOME HIKING BABY.


      Time to find a book so that someone else can read it! These mage guys are clearly too strong to have to traverse the First Floor of the library themselves, so you get to do it for them. You'll want to head into 3 rooms, interact with the book on the floor to teleport up, and then grab the quest piece located in each. Those rooms are:

      • F4
      • H6
      • A6

      And again, just in case you're reading this while drunk, this is on the First Floor. Later you'll do this again on the Second Floor, but we've got some time before then.

      Use the book that is clearly-totally-NOT-A-DARK-RITUAL, lose your younger brother and your arm and your leg, and then find yourself teleported up to the top floor, bleeding and crying about your lost mother, as you prepare for the next part of the quest.

      Each of the three locations has a little scrap of paper that is probably Mage Porn or something. Grab all three, then...

      [Rubius hasn't finished this part yet because he is too lazy. He'll finish it soon. Probably.]
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