• Jempire claims a castle!

      This one was a long time coming!

      Jempire's castle, in Nuimari

      Most of you have known that for months, we have had our eyes set on a castle. Seek and Destroy offered to sell us one, but we wanted to learn what it took to claim one - and keep it. And so, we became the first guild in the West to ever actually Siege another castle for real, taking down Seek's Gatehouse in just over 20 minutes, and pushing their lodestone to 65% before the timer ran out.

      We worked for months to get to that point - thousands of gilda stars for tanks, countless hours running packs in for money and for gear, and even though our siege against Seek ended without us owning a castle, it still remains one of our greatest victories in my mind.

      It represents our victory over the naysayers - over those who claim that many things are "too hard" and who simply give up. It was one of our boldest moves at the time, for a server where "castle siege" to all westerners really meant "let's defend the castle", and never "Let's attack one".

      This last weekend, we were given the opportunity to siege the castle in Nuimari, which our friends in Provocation inherited from a group who also inherited it from a group before them. We were wondering if Provo might show up to give us some fun or just screw around, but as our partners in the siege with Seek, they essentially let us have it as they've moved on to Morpheus.

      This horse should play the Green Hill Zone music from Sonic each time you summon it

      I'm so happy that we've finally accomplished one of the major goals we had for ourselves as a guild. All of you who worked so hard to get here should be proud - and all of you who have joined us recently, thank you for your contributions, too. Each of us worked together to bring the guild this far, and this accomplishment, which so few guilds will ever achieve in this game, is testament your dedication.

      I laugh each time other guilds who are jealous (mostly just the pirates) claim that we only "sieged an empty castle", when the most sieging any of those groups have ever done translates to hiding behind walls and firing cannons. As SlayerS knows, and as we know, attacking a castle is so much harder than defending it, especially if the gear on each side is relatively even.

      So take pride in the salt those pirates spew, because they know, as do all of you, that Jempire has come further in sieges than any guild in the west, and further than any westerners who have since rolled pirate. Not one of those groups has ever had the guts or the patience to push as far as we have pushed. Not one of them can ever say they deserve that castle more than you.

      This text made me very, very happy.

      I should also take a moment to offer thanks to SlayerS, whom we continue to find are reasonable, fun people, and whom I gain more respect for each time we coordinate fights. We share common enemies in groups like We Few, a guild full of players whose name most certainly correlates to the amount of brain cells they were gifted upon birth, and who, let's not forget, once thought that the best way to unite the West would simply be to kill everyone. (Because, yeah, that makes perfect sense.) It's no small stretch to say that we wouldn't be in this current situation without SlayerS, so a big thanks to their entire guild for being some of the coolest opponents we could have ever asked for.

      I'm sure the question on some of your minds is: Will SlayerS just take the castle in a few weeks? Well, they certainly could, should they choose to! I have no deal set up with them, and that's a decision that will rest solely in their hands. It's surreal to think that right now, there are only two lords on the entire server - one in the east, and one in the west. But no matter what comes next, we must prepare ourselves to fight, to grow, and to take steps forward.

      So, where do we go from here? We try to finally unite this faction, that's where. Some may not agree with us taking a warmer stance towards our enemies like SlayerS, but quite frankly, when we can port in to Caernord and begin a dance party that BOTH raids get in on, which leads to one of the greatest inventions of 2015 (that being Duck Bowling, by the way), I think that it's proof that having fun in this game, not in villainizing those with red names, is really all that matters.

      Let the pirates stay salty, keep showing the respect you guys always have for our opponents, and push yourselves to get to the next level. We're only just getting started.

      - Ruby
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      1. Blazing-Bruizer's Avatar
        Blazing-Bruizer -
        Congrats on the Castle Claim. May it be ours for the unforeseeable future!
      1. shoutentenshu's Avatar
        shoutentenshu -
        oh snap! gratz everyone and great job!
        sorta sad i didn't stay playing to see it happen =P
      1. Eowin (Cerberus)'s Avatar
        Eowin (Cerberus) -
        Congrats you guys! You deserve it- nothing but love for you!
      1. Charlyy's Avatar
        Charlyy -
        Ehehehehe, Good job everyone <3!
      1. Beowulfguy's Avatar
        Beowulfguy -
        godz damn it i missed the castle. damn you trino, damn you.
      1. Ithilwen's Avatar
        Ithilwen -
        hey gj guys i miss u all
      1. Angerday's Avatar
        Angerday -
        oh you guys causing crazy MMO records! i miss this. gratz!
      1. Darksages's Avatar
        Darksages -
        Congrats on getting the castle back. I wish i was there on that day, but atm from this weather, the house is having soo much issues with the rain. will try to get on as soon as possible.