• It's Castle Siege Sunday!

      We've got a castle or two to siege this weekend. Don't miss it!

      When: Sunday, March 6th. Prep Raid forms at 11:30 AM Pacific. (Siege at 1 PM)
      Where: AURORIAAAA
      Why: Do you really have to ask?

      Following the Sieges, any gained castle territory will immediately be parceled out to guildmates based on rank. In the event of a successful siege, guild members will get land based on the following criteria:

      - Rank within the guild
      - Time spent within the guild
      - Contribution to the guild

      One key difference from our last run-around with castles is that this time, we plan to award out land on a much faster basis, and to as many members as possible.

      Get your mortars ready (if you don't already have one - get one!) and prepare for the siege. We'll see you on Sunday!