• Watch the Jempire VS. Wrath Siege video!

      Sunday was a pretty amazing day. What was originally just intended to be a fun little Skirmish suddenly became much more when a friendly guild threatened us with a "Kill-on-sight" if we showed up for a practice match!

      I don't take threats lightly, especially not from guilds who we just helped progress past Morpheus and Nazaar. It boggled my mind that after all that, and a lot of good teamwork between our groups, that Wrath wouldn't even agree to a practice fight where we left the walls at 10%. (This is so they would have pretty much zero cost rebuilding - a handful of stone packs at most.) There's nothing to lose and a ton of great experience to gain!

      When the KOS was shoved in our faces again, and the practice siege rejected, I made the call to turn it into a real siege. The video below, uploaded by our own crazy DPS Neon, chronicles a roughly 30v30 match between Jempire and Wrath, lasting just about an hour.

      I'd like to give a big shout out to the many members of Wrath who fought well here. You all did a great job. Thank you to those in Wrath as well who said "Good Fight" at the end - we respect that a lot, and we offer the same words and respect back to all of you.

      To our Jempire fighters - amazing job. Taking a castle is hard work, and often requires the attacking team to be able to easily outnumber or outclass the defenders. Our healers were AMAZING, our DPS was solid, and all-around our teamwork was excellent. You can see that in the video, but our group never wiped once, with at least 10-15 of us never dying at all against even numbers. When you're the attacking force, that's pretty impressive.

      Great work to both teams. Jempire, you guys made me very proud in this fight. Congrats on becoming the second guild on Salphira (after SlayerS) to ever take a castle in a real siege with evenly matched numbers.

      You earned this one, guys. Great job.

      - Rubius
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      1. Influenza's Avatar
        Influenza -
        That was one of the better days playing in Archeage... the fights were amazing! evenly matched, and a lot of fun had by all! I thank all that were there
      1. Blazing-Bruizer's Avatar
        Blazing-Bruizer -
        Congrats Jempire on your much deserved win in the castle siege.
      1. Jupiter's Avatar
        Jupiter -
        Congrats guys!