• The first RIFT Raid is a success!

      Our first foray into the new raiding of RIFT, which happened Saturday night, was a Great Success!. We downed 4/4 of the bosses, went home with a lot of shiny new loot (wait, no RNG? Madness!) and even met a couple awesome new people along the way.

      Big thanks to all ten people who made it happen!

      1. Skruzo
      2. Korraz
      3. Rastaban
      4. Soothsayerboomer
      5. Akikita
      6. Legendarios
      7. Lily
      8. Vukasin
      9. Baelynn
      10. Rubius

      Good work, guys! On to more raids and more fun next as the week continues.
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      1. Aki's Avatar
        Aki -
        That was so much fun Well done everyone! Heres to more fantastic times raiding
      1. SKRUZO's Avatar
        SKRUZO -
        I can't believe it! I'm on the cover of a Jempire front page post!

        In all seriousness, that was an incredibly fun raid. I'm super excited for all that is yet to come!
      1. fluxxer's Avatar
        fluxxer -
        congrats guys.....miss the guild on Spiral Knights, im stell in the waiting list......im not leaving the guild, because of the memories keep up the good work and much luck for everybody on the new games you guys are playing now. and congrats about the succesful raid